NEW SLITHER.IO GAME! (Insatia) welcome back to my channel – dear yesterday we are back in a video game that I've never played before so we're not really back this is the, new slither everybody it's not an i/o game so you need to download it I think it asks greenlight on Steam right now you play as this worm and this is red. Worm that's me and I'm supposed to get bigger and kill all the other worms. It's kind of like slither but a lot better actually it's a lot more fun although the only downside is it's not online which I think. You know one day they will they will figure that out they will make that so the enemies. Oh trying to kill me let me just eat its tail yeah it's grassy I'll think of. The mats all right it's, hard to grow on this game because the enemies are actually quite good look at you hello all right let me eat this guy oh my goodness bother guys so huge I.

Ain't your tail goddammit so it's not like in Slough there where he conned go over people, I just got even real bad so I can go over beep beep beep err I just spawned then I got freakin eaten so, I'm slither it works a lot different so it's it's kind of hard, to get used to this game but once you're used to – it's actually, quite fun I just need to make sure that I become that big I thought the ball oh I need to get out of here there's eat everything so I am a red worm which means that, I'm very dangerous and I can pretty much eat whatever I want I believe, the green worms are worms that not really like to eat worms they usually only eat flies and everything like that but if I mess, with a green worm oh my god I just got eaten my tail off my tail my tail fell off but guys. If if I with a green worm pretty much they will come after me and kill me so. They're not that aggressive and I think the red worms are the most aggressive, ones I am I going so slow oh my god oh my god I need to. Grow man this game is so tough no my towel right so as you guys know I am currently very very bad at video games but it's ok ok I will get there, ya know some of it so gonna hate your face you little dumbass Oh No he ate my head off, so you, can eat uh even another worm but as long as you didn't eat the the part before the head I don't think he will kill him out oh my. God uh I can do jobs I can do sneaky little turns like this one come on come on come on oh okay he was too, big for me look at this it's a nice body over here. Laying down ready to be eaten by your favorite youtuber ah I just, jumped over that little thing alright let's eat this fly there's a lot of little mosquitoes over here or flies I think they're put please you know they they sit.

On food ah I got killed great this game is a really tough guys it is really tough but I love it actually, oh you asshole alright come on eat someone else's tail.

Eat someone else's oh my god there's a lot.