We got it oh my god holy crap already of 50-100 right now guys so this is the new game I've ever really tried it out I just fine and I just need my hair got, the crease a lot of guys.

It was way longer but I said to my barber a little bit shorter but i think we had a little miscommunication because he just made short so this. Is my new hairstyle for a while and I don't. Think you can alright let's start with the game let's change the color to yellow of course so this game is actually pretty cool this gave, us can have your own three guys look at this about three and three arrows guys look at this bar big, boom for arrows oh sure you never expect that and then obviously that you need to try to kill, him if you kill that you got more wow you get more more arrows I guess so what you can do you can actually form, a lot of blocks right here those blood gave you are more arrows and if you get more. Air shoot more stuff and you can kill people easier which is super great because. You want to kill a lot of people in this game and when you have a lot of errors because shoot a lot of bullets and what you can do that and, you hit that you can maybe instantly, kill them so i used you see that guy right there guys we got to really go to try to kill them it's actually not that easy to kill people in this game and that's what so, don't but it's always just killed him holy crap alright and that is, what what is annoying in this gave you it's really hard to kill people you need to do a lot of stuff, with your mouse and sometimes can be very annoying wow you got it oh my, god holy crap we already are 5000k so of 50 size 50 is, very big I don't know if anybody hits I hundred but i really want to see that because it's 2 times this size two times four. Arrows if you don't know how to calculate stuff so if anybody's going we just got to strike as soon as possible doesn't like that guy's just like that, we lost a little bit of, sighs oh my god it was a really good shot from this guy from limbo oh my god, anyone to get my revenge guys I really want to get my revenge lab I need you to die oh oh oh alright alright come on guys come on guys so it's a lot, of games is actually pretty, important to to be the biggest and strongest but it is gave it a little bit different guy just a little bit different this is a different kind of game this game is very important to not die don't, die it's. Just you could lose a lot of your arrows but make sure you don't die guys there's the most supportive thing of this game all right now have a score of 240 guys. Guys guys guys are now there was a really good. Shot from this guy though well guys I'm getting some new people come on go to know that yes, guys us guys very good because someone we need to watch our guys we need to go away because it's getting a bit more dangerous in danger of guys oh I think. I need to hit the. Bad guys because they don't because you won't leave me alone if I don't kill this guy come on yes guys yes guys oh my god i'm doing a great job guys I think my mouth it's, way too sensitive guy right here by, i'll not a holy crap guys I don't know what's wrong with my mouse guys much is way too fast oh my god no now now. Leave me alone lead you know who there we go guys Oh expect that Brock you just killed by, the fatty foods oh my god is so many people writing out my get killed by these rapaho you do but. He's actually called do but i need to read the, guy because of the new player okay you just run away that that is what news do runaway we already the fourth place guys let's follow, those pink black skies let's go let's go see someone who we can kill I don't know if we are going to kill him but I don't. Know the cargo because that work hours are clean here there was a clear hey guys. Holy crap guys are feeling great gonna get it oh well we gotta go to go to die, no don't kill be quick oh crap guys her crypt okay we got it we got, it we got it we got it we got it don't do it don't do it yes oh my god Obama we got a bomb right here oh my, god Obama just died Obama just that yes quickly ok we're going to. Do it we doing a really great job guys there was a really good hit but it we also took damage we also took damage now where is everyone guys. Well yes there we, go guys we getting faster to the first place with your great great job because that guy but yes can we do another big oh, god oh god oh god spoons are really go for guys oh my god oh oh okay that guy's a. Drought so many people right here guys it's Boing holy crap really had a.

Good hit right there guys we getting shot from every every angle guys are no oh no guys oh no oh yes guys we are with the first place but, how long can we save the first place guys how long maybe for 1k point I think, that's possible if we are if we try really hard this guy takes a lot of focus guys oh my god around that we gotta pop my god. Holy crap guys who'd escaped gives you a lot of stress. Or crip oh no no no no no yes there we go yes there we go guys there we go just yet oh ok what was what. Was going on I'll by God got killed bro had nowhere to go, if you die you don't lose all your points yes guys you don't lose all your point you just lose fifty percent ok. We are already 400 points if I die right now guys I will be very, mad I'm just saying because i don't think we deserve to die right now guys oh yes guys oh yes oh yes there we go ok, ok stop come on oh oh oh yes there we go guys perfect now we are still doing a great job I, think we actually can regain the first place if, we try but I don't know if we we are if we will get it get it noob attracted to be killed see those guys I'm I, just stick my nose in their business ok they changed their target guys they change the target and they're both going on oh my god. Now we just working oh my god, that's all I need to start over we think what we just did learn from our mistakes i actually have a pretty good strategy mine my strategy is called, it's called the corner hugger I just stay at the corner and if somebody wants to. Kill me I'll just kill them so easy guys I don't show any mercy anymore I just do whatever I can to kill somebody okay there we. Go guys you might can kill this guy Jerry girl guys really doing a great job why should we do what should we do yes we got it, we don't got it guys we don't get it. He also ran away as much as you someone right there guys. We might we might get this guy right here oh it was a really good shot really good shot right there oh yes guys there was a really good hit right there guys. You might can kill them both but I don't know for sure does this P is really annoying okay there we. Go there we go that's.

All the guys challenging me well he's telling me right now guys while we killed him he did not saw that coming us did not saw that coming I think, someone is right here guys I might hit him oh my god not this guy blaze blaze is really good i need to watch out, for that guy back by two different people all blazed got killed right, there guys Barriss oh my god it's got a hard right again 3c as one come on guys oh my god no no no come, on my god I gotta care anymore about power guys give me those arrows give me those numbers nice let's go let's go guys, let's want to be one of them let's warm. You want oh my god Matt what are you doing mad holy crap i don't know who hit me but i think i need to, do something think it's time to do something else there we go guys let's go there we go again guys oh yes there we go again and. Hit it again hit him again, guys come on yes that's what I'm too old my god oh we found some, are right here guys but we are started you're talking about someone there we go guys you killed mother well he is I just want to be in the first, place again that's all I want right now it's really go away oh my god no oh my god come.

On if I die right now quit guys who's that who's that quick get a pity just, that right wow I just killed two people i guess i don't know i just stressed out right there just try to, hit it right here might just get one my just get one there we go there we go let's go come on and then, and there we go we got that. Guy both first and has gone further now you for this diode got reduced to three arrows guys we did a great job we reduce his power and let's go this guy's to out. Of this looking out of milk but we killed somebody else we can a lot of people, guys oh my god thats and CSI oh we got a 1k points morning 1400 displays this place is doing a really great, job if I die right now our quit this game. I'll quit this game if I right now make sure to never say in the danger zone share just got killed I just got killed right here guys oh.

My god was very close to 1k points but let's leave that goal for another episode guys if you liked this episode make sure to drop. Like sort of our friends allowed to you in the next video .