Lodging is such an essential part of this game how do we do that you're dodging i think i just got a double-kill right there oh my god no no okay number one has four left oh my god this is. Insane this is a it's 351 lat know you know, what's going on guys my name is nation and welcome to another space, 12 io video i played this game a few videos back and you guys really enjoyed it so i decided to do a part 2 and this time guys I'm going to go for a really high.

Score from what i. Know the world record is 2000 around there at least on you to anyways to my last high score i got 636 and i'm going to try to beat that. By a lot and maybe even get over 2,000 selected the right color you can select your color on, the main menu guys if you haven't played this game yet i'll leave the link to part one in the description, guys the first time I ever play, this game and I'll basically teaching playing that video and then you could watch the rest of this one and here we go. Guys are just going to point here which killed someone that gave us five points a 48 or like if you're enjoying. This video so far let's go 4a 1 like on this video also make sure to subscribe if you're new in his development you know when I upload oh I just killed that guy, 30 points i really don't know why do so many points but, not positive about that guys but when I actually doing now is I'm not auto clicking like you Christy, and have auto shooting on but I'm not doing that because i actually want to be a lot better and i don't recommend having a shooting on if, you're actually trying to be good at this, game right now 144 scores that is pretty good guys and here we go we're gonna. Attack this right guy oh yes we did get him five more points from that the average joe's give. About five points i think what people have more or maybe when they're on the leaderboard they get more points basically guy dodging is such an essential part of this, game you have to be good at you're dodging i think i just got a double-kill right there you actually go. Faster when you're pleased smaller guide to that balances out the game a bit it's actually it's a really fun game it's too simple. But it is really fun and I'm going to fire back at this guy is trying to kill me and we're. Kind of intimidating him i'm pretty sure but we gotta run because he did tire back. That was actually pretty close i survived with three triangles tonight i'm not exactly sure what they call them i guess they're like ships or, something i'm not really sure but we're going to try to attack I don't even. Know she was really in a bad situation we have to play it. Safe if we're going to get this really high score we are at number four, right now so that's not all too bad ok this guy to the right I gotta dodge bullets orange guy right here and we are racking in which is yellow guy and we just.

Killed that guy who is behind us trying to wreck us when we weren't paying, attention but he did not know that we were paying attention okay we got this guy again let's get him GG c'mon c'mon. Oh my God he's named head I don't even know why but ok come on we need. To recognize you all all no way we all know yeah we got 35 points oh my. Goddess Congress as well we're getting attacked from all angles right now I really need to. Be careful i don't like to laugh and we got him 456 points let's go with number 30 small right now i have to be so. Careful although no no don't kill me oh my god almighty ok i chose someone by four laps still careful. Okay let's farm up and get some way back when we had six right. Now that's her size the score is that 463 ok this kind of fire back at one but we get a bigger. Guy is hacking as well this guy I'm just dodging all these thoughts this is really good oh shoot oh shoot i mean i'm not a good, situation but it's good i'm dodgin so it's all we're getting some from these guys ok. So can like our plea in the number-one guys actually over 1,000 right now. Hopefully we can reckon pretty soon okay oh my god i swear i don't have a break right now I gotta build up my feet again this is just so dangerous on my god okay.

People are just everywhere in this server let's just keep farming guys you really gotta build up. Our fleet again we get, to kill all my god i was like a direct hit poor dodging by me right there oh my god almost. Dead oh my god i'm at 2 i'm at 2i careful come on please no Corner people oh my god i. Want you guys this is not gonna do I have all my god i died you know people just cornering you and, then you just can't do anything when you just get surrounded by a bunch of different people but i'm just going to go. Back in this way I can make up for that fail to someone so that's good let's get into some polish, people completely attacking he is getting smaller ok where's this winter i'm following the arrow I don't even know. It's taking forever I don't even know how big this map to be honest I kind of like she added a mini map or something like that make the game better i. Think number one let's think about was. Peeking out running so let's see what the number one does they just keep running they play really conservative i guess that's my guess is firing back wanna die oh my, god is to left he's almost dead but he's just click enough to get out of this area oh my god now I'm.

Always there as well he killed this guy.

We're quick enough that we can actually kill him oh my god yes let's go let's go no it's shaking as well hopefully just go to number one. Oh my god no no okay number one has four laughing oh my god it's three left I've one left no oh my, god most high most all while the number one dive I didn't get him are. You serious i was so close that helps so.

Much by just wasn't able to get to kill just like the FBI oh where no matter how much damage, you do to someone someone could just get that last hit with a bullet in kill the person you were targeting and then they get off the point of course so it's very similar to do I, owe. In that fashion okay at the moment we're at 722 points and the number-one guys actually almost at 1,000 himself and unknown sweet that's the, default name or whatever but yeah we're going to kill some people right now I don't know if we really want to challenge the number one guy I guess we could but guys I, might start using a hit-and-run strategy basically hitting people and running away even if I don't tell them just doing. It for the point I'm not sure if they'll be a good strategy or.

Not but i might try to test it I kind of talked to this guy because he's like, wrecking me oh my God my family is already pretty small going to build it up a little. Bit more and hopefully i can start killing people once again okay.

Here we go easy killa that's what I'm talking about 5.6 right guy down here we're going to try to record there we go another five points at 750 800, orange color guys weren't shoulders pretty thick i think i'm going to stick with this one from now on every time I place one that I. Oh ok i'm writing this guy let's go let's go he left, no way surviving no way he's dodging me like it's not you are to. Survive honestly just one person going after you but the way that small people died even though there really fast just because they get cornered basically or, not corner but surrounded by which people right guys tag me I gotta watch where we have one left I, really have won all my god I my diet I need to farm up on the, number one right now people are after me this is not good guys okay I'm farming up a fleet of six right now this is really bad, i gotta get to at least 15 to feel somewhat safe because I'm the number-one guys people, are going to hunting me down okay i'm getting there I'm getting there right now okay this blue guy taking out there we go let's, go 5.1 just get at least 21 hey guys that would be a good high score okay what, are we doing this guy's attack, me not okay let's go we hit him in the running oh never mind being surrounded we're going to round it we all my job why are so many people I need to get out of here, I really do okay why did we sell fast small tweak but we do need to build, sweet up again changes although building your sweet back up after, you oh my god ok as a balloon guy trying to kill me but so are me and it's sweet smile I.

See the people with the small suites are the most dangerous because they're quick and you don't want to oh my. God you don't want those people like you basically oh my god moment dead at once again I'm literally just trying to build my sweet backup here's a bunch of, shapes to get our feedback and we almost killed this guy oh my god you actually. Got killed five points 804 really oh my god widescreen guys side, trying to sabotage me I didn't even do anything to that guy stop please can you just back off the night first all my life you want to kill me so much number. Five ok will say that backed off and. Got distracted from someone else gets around and once again I have to what left in that, big green guys coming after me again i just want to get to 1k that is my wife got my life is complete if i get 1k my god there's. So many people it's so hard being the number one everyone is after you I swear guys were farming back up.

Getting a pretty decent-sized fleet which is helpful okay this guy we got one left oh my how we see, not dead okay we kill them there we, go five point we are 133 away from 1k oh my god willing if we don't like I haven't had, a secure big flea for a while now called the right guy there we go that's pretty good oh my god it's so close to 1k. This intense guys this is a difficult game like it really is kind of difficult to get 1k let me know what your high. Score is in the comments section down below if you play this game is so close right now let's attack this guy shoot my tweet small. Small as a. Hit-and-run tactics i'm just going to run away now even though I did not kill him big green bullets so I know it's annoying, guy from before yeah it's the same exact guy look at this guy he's so annoying okay there, we go yeah there we go 35 points for not doing now is cheating us forever. And we are at 1,800 goal every job I think I mean the high school was like 2k but this. Is still a relatively high school guys I mean obviously I'm the number one it's a pleasing score I be my last score by like it was. It was 636 so I almost doubled at this point maybe i can double it by the end of this game very nice oh, my god stop chasing me stop shaking slightly shiny have one ive one ive one left no oh my shoot ok well we did, get to number 1 we got to 1113 point if you guys enjoyed this video make sure to drop a like. On it we share the video gadgets to help me out eight also, leave a comment below and let me know some other games you guys want me to play and supposed to multiply. All contents states for that thank you so much for reasons for on the channel guide it really does mean a lot and i'll see you, all in my next video .