You guys welcome back here on games dog y ou today we are going to plate 81 dog while it's a new y, OU game and this game is quite amazing is really easy you can control is wrong with your mouth anything to do clicking the left mouse key you shoot choose. Your direction or you will go forward you know, you can also click the out of fire with the a on the keyboard with really in handy in my opinion embarrassing you cute yourself to take you like to have the outside fire you find it bottom. Right let's try out those games here we go . I really love this game and quite amazing it's so easy to play but, it is also really really addictive him and I'm playing the game for like two hours now Camille upcoming maybe that's why our game. Right now play yourself become the pro let's see if i can get the number one position on the leaderboard it'll be amazing right let's work hard let's. Do it all together on phase one, God why [Applause] .